About Classic Car Insurance Appraisals:

     Classic Car Appraisals prides itself on professionalism and great customer service! Our appraisals consist of accurate values for Insurance and Stated Value appraisals so you the customer can get the correct insurance and protect your investment just in case that unfortunate loss does occur. I can't tell you how many calls we have gotten over the years that start out with I used to have a....! We usually finish their sentence for them! Their prized possession was not appraised and insured correctly! I tell customers insurance companies will always pay the claim and indemnify the customer if you play the game by the rules!  It is our job to provide the customer and the Insurance Company with the proper documentation so the vehicle can be insured correctly!

We cover the whole state of New Jersey. We have never had an appraisal rejected! Our appraisals have been accepted by every major insurance company   in the state of New Jersey: NJM, All State, AIG, State Farm, Chubb, The Hartford, to name a few and for Classic & Antique companies such as J.C. Taylor, Haggerty, Grundy, American Collectors & Condon Skelly. If we have not had the pleasure of doing business over the last 25 years we welcome the opportunity to provide you with professionalism and excellent customer service! 


Jim is the President and founder of Classic Car Insurance Appraisals. He has been appraising cars up and down the

state of New Jersey for 25 years!  Jim has expertise in all avenues of appraising classic, antique, customized &

exotic vehicles!  He has testified as an expert witness and has never had an appraisal rejected.   

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