Appraisal Services 2

Prior Loss Appraisals: This happens more times then you would think! Your vehicle was 

declared a total loss by the responsible party's insurance company. Usually you recieve

a ridiculous low value to settle your claim. Hypothetically your vehicle a 68 Camaro will

cost you approximately 30k to replace. The insurance company after writing a damage report

of 15k offers you old book value of 18K. Hopefully you have an agreed value or stated value

with your company, then you can go through your company and they can subrogate the damages for you,

but if you don't you need to get documentation to support your claim! That is when you will need

a prior loss appraisal. 

Charitable Contribution Appraisal: We can provide you with fair market value. We will give

you a written appraisal, photgraphs and form 8283 that you will need to submit with your

tax return so you can get the appropriate tax deduction.